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Winifred Smith Eure,

affectionately known as “Winnie” and “Win” was born March 4, 1951 in Rahway, NJ to parents Turman & Louise Smith. She was the youngest in a family of 3 boys.

Winnie grew up in Roselle, NJ where she attended Lincoln Elementary School (Now known as Charles C. Polk Elementary School) and Abraham Clark High School. She received her Christian education at Heard AME Church where she began attending Sunday School at an early age.

As a child, Winnie loved sports, developed a fondness for reading and learning and participating in Sunday School Christmas, Easter and Children’s Day pageants and programs.

It wasn’t until her senior year in high school that she became interested in writing. An English teacher saw her “potential” after reading an essay she wrote, and encouraged her thereafter.

During College and later during graduate school, while working on her Masters Degree, Winnie wrote essays and compositions that received A’s from her professors and encouraging comments. But it wasn’t until she became a teacher in Newark Public Schools, surrounded by creative, experienced teachers, and with students who were hungry for help, that she took her writing serious and began to develop it.

Having been given the opportunity by her principal to assume the position Resource Teacher, she began to keep a notebook of poems. Her first book was entitled “Expressions Of A Newark Teacher.” She self-published this book and began to write more books of poetry, hoping for feedback from her teacher friends and family members.. Her principal asked her to read some of her poetry during faculty meetings.

Today she is the author of 12 books, 11 poetry and one autobiography entitled Testimony, The T’s Have It. Titles of her poetry books after the first one are Poems From The Heart, Thread of Faith, Altogether Now, Messages: A Little Something From Me, Author & Finisher of My Faith, Reflections – The Way I See It, My Gift To You, God Told Me To Tell You and The Sum of Who You Are and My Heart Speaks.

Besides the love Winnie has for family (biological & church) and friends, there is nothing more meaningful to her than her voice as a writer. She uses it to encourage and lift up others. And Just for your information, Winifred is a graduate of Douglass college- Rutgers the State University New Brunswick, NJ and Kean University, Union, NJ where she earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education- Learning Disabilities.