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My Heart Speaks

In My Heart Speaks, the author speaks to her granddaughter, who she loves dearly, about her hopes, wishes and prayers for her granddaughter’s life. Then speaks of the plight of black women everywhere; followed by the writer’s insight into the meaning of black history and finally a poem about herself as she looks to the past and present trajectory of her life.



The Sum of Who You Are

Times like these, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, afford us the opportunity of spending more times alone. We can drown ourselves in self-pity or choose to make the most of it. We can take a closer, better look at ourselves, the outer and inner appearance and ask ourselves, if we like what we see? If not we have the time to work on ourselves and make creative and enduring changes.

My book The Sum of Who You Are shines a spotlight on those things that have concerned me and perhaps you as I take a look at my life and the world around me. I feel gratitude for God’s grace and mercy and hope that others are experiencing this too. I pray for those who have lost jobs, loved ones, those who are sick, shut in and feel shut out. May the Creator make it all clear to us in the months ahead and may we “understand it better by and by.”




My Gift to You: The Author’s Favorite Poems

The author is always thinking of new ways to surprise and satisfy her readers. She wanted to create a book that would be both authentic and attractive. She also wanted to create one that her readers would desire to give as a gift to someone special. She chose the poems that were dearest to her, straight from the heart to include in this special edition. They include a variety of topics which she thinks you will enjoy. Add this to a Christmas or birthday list and surprise that special someone.



God Told Me To Tell You

In “God Told Me to Tell You . . .” a Christian poetry book, the author takes on a tone of persuasiveness toward her readers, encouraging them to find the answers they seek within themselves by speaking to God and listening to his voice, and within their inner circles, family, church family and close friends. We don’t have to look far by planning to go away on expensive vacations, scanning the internet for the right professional to cure us, or trying to alleviate our worries by acquiring an abundance of stuff. God is an “ever-present help in times of trouble.” More importantly, we can seek him in the good times too and reveal our gratitude and appreciation for all he has done for us.

“If there is anything that is contagious during this coronavirus pandemic, the period in which this book was written,” says the author, “let it be our underlying joy in the midst of tragedy that although many died from this disease, still others—with the help of doctors, nurses, and first responders were restored to good health and were able to return home to their families.” What can we learn from this? My pastor, Rev. Stephen A. Green, said it very clearly as he repeated this song lyrics, “There is a balm in Gilead.” Our Heavenly Father may very well want our attention. The reading of this book provides the perfect opportunity to experience God, whether it is acknowledging his presence in your life, reading the Word (Bible), soul searching within, or examining your role as a parent a grandparent , and a member of a body of believers (church member.).

Years from now, your offspring will be reading about this COVID-19 pandemic in school and asking questions. During this uncertain time, let us focus on that which is certain: Jesus loves us. Remember that song you learned as a child, “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.” He hasn’t stopped loving his children, even those who are no longer children. What is God saying to you? Perhaps you can write your own book. But meanwhile, may this book bring you a sense of peace, comfort, perhaps even joy.




Testimony : The T’s Have It!

The author wrote this book to tell her story as so many women and men have before her. There are details that have been omitted because she deemed them nonessential to the core purpose of this Testimony which is to share her truth, empathize with others who may have experienced similar events and encourage faith in God with the action of praise, prayer, patience and purpose.

The T’s Have It explains that tradition, transition, testing, tolerance teamwork, and testimony form a historical outline of the author’s life, past and present. Perhaps they are evident in your life too and worthy of critical analysis. Philosophically, you may not learn anything new, but the recapturing of some familiar truths may have considerable impact.

Winifred Smith Eure hopes you can appreciate her openness and candidness as she lays before you a blueprint of her journey.




Reflections: The Way I See It

These preliminary writings and lyrical rainbow of poetic expressions are food for thought and inspiration. They charismatically link the author’s real-life experiences and unique understanding of human and spiritual conditions to encourage and enlighten peace and hope in the minds and hearts of the most curious readers.

Reflections, The Way I See It takes you on a short journey through the eyes of a senior citizen’s personal thoughts and emotions. It is a look at the world at an important stage of life—retirement—when one has more time to reflect and share. As you read this book, let it genuinely lift your spirit and feed your soul.




 AUTHOR & FINISHER OF MY FAITH includes 10 of Winifred Smith Eure’s favorite inspirational poems. The writing of  these poems has come in times of quiet meditation and inspirational experiences. It is written in hope of bringing encouragement and motivation to others who may need it by sharing a part of her story. She hopes you will place this book somewhere near your Bible or other favorite reading material in your home.



Messages: A Little Something From Me

Messages: A Little Something From Me is a poetic journey about empathy. From her ability to empathize with others, the author has created a lyrical work for a diverse audience of readers.

While a few of the poems originate from real life experiences, others are a product of the author’s vivid imagination and awareness of human conditions.

This book was created by Winifred Smith Eure’s desire to give something back to others. She has been the recipient of so much wisdom and enlightenment from others who have touched her life in unforgettable ways.

The characters in the author’s prose and poetry are everyday down to earth people who are sending messages directly and/or whom messages are being sent to the readers about them between the lines of the poems. The messages are relevant and timely.

This is a great book to enjoy while having a cup of coffee or tea or just relaxing after a tiresome day.



Altogether Now: The Anthology Of Poems

This anthology of poems is arranged in nine chapters, each with its own relevant scripture from the Bible. The poems in their entirety express Winifred Smith Eure’s faith in God, recognition of her country, African American ethnicity, thoughts about family and friendship, youth and teaching, awareness for women and lovers, memories of her deceased husband, Clarence L. Eure, and a final chapter of general reflections for anyone. The author believes that her writing is a gift and her purpose is to share it with the world.



Thread of Faith

This book of poetry is dedicated to everyone who chooses to read it. Be it cheerfully or fearfully, carefully or prayerfully, sometimes tearfully, we do find our way — that brand new day. With this collection, the author hopes for readers to experience a smile, a warmth of heart, a renewal of the mind and spirit, and faith that can move mountains.



Poems from the Heart

Poems From The Heart is the author’s second book. To her it is indeed a blessing from God. Like the first book, it too has 33 poems and a 34th poem written by her husband, submitted in his memory. Once again the author hopes to encourage readers to search within and be inspired and uplifted by what they read.



Expressions of a Newark Teacher

Expressions Of A Newark Teacher is a special book because it is the Author’s first book, and she remembers the creative and spiritual energy she experienced writing it. This book is a mixture of creative self-expression, imagination, and beginner’s artistry. It is one human being’s attempt to uplift, inspire,inform and entertain others.